Deliver services that are worth your pay

To anyone recruited into the workforce, their paychecks are something that they hold dear and hold high above all else. If correctly assessed, they simply make the world go round. Very few would agree to be hired without first considering what the salary holds for them. With the economy on a temporary phase of recession, we have to keep our eyes open and settle for nothing less than what we rightly deserve. It is only right to get your dues at the end of a long hard month in order for you to get the kind of motivation you need for the business to run smoothly.

Realizing your worth

driverOnce you realize what your worth truly is, you will not accept to be taken for a ride but will always recognize what your rights are and fight justly to attain them. It is sad to witness the lot that works so hard to earn an honest and decent living, only for them to be shortchanged. I have it said that finding an employer that understands and feels your woes is very hard to find. Very few value their hard-working employees and treat them as the rare gem that they are.

That’s not all, some firms and companies train their employees for free, and they include the transportation companies. What’s more, they even get paid for the entire period that they are still on training.

Benefits entitled to an employee

These and more reasons are why interviews are conducted. As an employee, you are entitled to some benefits that will make your working period more comfortable. For example, you work very far away from home and have just begun work, so you have no money to set aside for your accommodation and food. This is where these benefits come in handy as some go the extra mile as to offer travel allowances and other forms of allowances. Status Transportation pay is one of the highest in pay and benafits .

While to some bosses, it may seem unnecessary to offer such benefits because according to them, they are doing enough just paying the employees their dues. Worse still, they even make unnecessary deductions that leave the employees completely vulnerable.

Exercising wisdom when paid

Irony rears its ugly head when all these benefits are showered and lavished upon us, but we take them for granted and instead squander every single penny. This is more of a slap in the face than enjoying your rights. The worst part is when the employee gets too comfortable and starts taking their duties lightly. What happens is that despite all these noble efforts to keep the company thriving, kindness tends to be mistaken for weakness in most cases.

Let’s not allow our excitement get in the way of what we have worked so hard to build through our diligence. It has been a combination of efforts for the company in question to have attained its current status. Both the employer and employee have put in so much, and the last thing should be bringing it down without us realizing it. The sad bit is doing so without the slightest idea.

coupleIn conclusion, let us be wise, even when we think that we don’t need the same people that helped us up on our feet.…