5 Types Of Hard Liquor

It is always advisable to enjoy fine liquor at some point. Many people prefer hard liquor over other drinks. This is attributed to the finesse employed in making some hard liquor brands. In a liquor store, you have lots of options to choose from based on what your prefer. That said, here are some popular types of hard liquor you can get in a liquor store.

The leading types of hard liquor


Vodka is one of the most popular hard liquor Vodkain the world. It has its origin in northern Europe. The name originates from the Russian word, voda, which means water, thus, showing the reason why it is so popular in Russia. However, the popularity of vodka goes beyond Europe because the liquor is perfect for mixing any cocktail. Nowadays, different distillers are developing flavored varieties of vodka to attract a wider market. Therefore, you can get vodka of different flavors ranging from vanilla to any fruit.


Rum is another type of hard liquor that is quite popular in the world. In as much as rum is famous all over the world, it has a close association with the Caribbean world. Though popular in the Caribbean world, rum traces its origin in India and China. There are different flavors that you can choose for your rum. However, you will need to buy one from a leading liquor store to get all the varieties available.


Whiskey is amongst the leading hard liquors in the world because it was the first distilled alcohol in the world. Though an Arab created it, Ireland and Scotland compete for the ownership of Whiskey. There are different varieties of whiskey that include rye, bourbon, single malt Scotch, and blended Scotch.


GinGin is one of the best hard liquors associated with people of a higher social class. Its reputation as a high-class liquor is due to the relatively high price compared to other types of hard liquors. However, you can get gin at a reduced price in a leading liquor store. Otherwise, its high-quality matches its high-class reputation.


Brandy is also a leading type of hard liquor. It is popular in the world amongst many people who enjoy liquor after dinner. It is for this reason that brandy is commonly known as the after-dinner drink. Just like any other type of drink, brandy matures with age and thus, the most expensive brandy products are those stored for many years.…